July 2020 UPDATE

The the season is back up and running !!!!!

Our round held at Pheasant’s Nest, hosted by MG Newcastle was a success and while COVID-19 compliance was evident it dd not dent the event.

Our next round is to be held at Wakefield Park on Saturday September 12 and will be hosted by TSOA and MRA

Our final round for 2020 is scheduled for Sunday October 18 to be hosted by JDCA at Sydney Motorsport Park, North (Druitt) Circuit

Check back here and your email inbox for more info and supp regs when they are released.

Fwd: CSCA ROUND 3 entry package

Hi everyone, Entry is now open for round 3 supersprint at Pheasantwood Circuit. This is sure to be good news for everyone wanting to get back to the track. We were hoping to open this a bit sooner however getting some of the details sorted re COVID compliance took its time… Please share with your members and I look forward to catching you all there

New Classes for 2019

...and are current for 2020

Hi Everyone, We have put together a new class table for 2019 so please make sure you know which class yu will now compete in.
To help you, a Class Comparison Table leads to from old classes to new.  Please note this is just an indicator of where you might be, you must double check with the actual class tables for 2019 and/or check with your competition secretary.